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One Touch Time & Attendance

With ENTERTECH SYSTEMS your business can now easily track your employees’ time and attendance (T&A) with just the touch of a finger. Biometric fingerprint is the most accurate way to collect employee time and attendance information as it is uniquely linked to each employee and cannot be shared, lost or stolen. The latest biometric technology advances have now made this surprisingly affordable and popular for any size organization.

Time & Attendance Solutions

Actual iD automates time and attendance data capture and boost operational profitability with Enterprise iD, an identity management system. It combines the industry-leading Fingerscan Time Clock with the company’s new cloud-based time and attendance application, enabling businesses to effectively manage hourly and salaried employees with little to no maintenance.

  StaffScheduleCare is a complete workforce management solution designed to handle all of the requirements of long term care and retirement facilities. It is North America’s fastest growing fully integrated On-Demand workforce management solution for this unique market.

  Casino Schedule Ease is a client server based computer program designed specifically for the scheduling needs of the table game segment of the casino industry. Schedule Ease automates more than 90% of the time consuming tasks typically completed manually by staff and as such, frees them for higher priority tasks.

  Timepiece, a real-time, fully integrated time and attendance management software solution for municipalities and school districts, is a comprehensive, scalable and flexible solution that can operate as a stand-alone system or as a fully integrated module of the Finance Manager product suite.